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Top 10 Facts about Red Fort

By Mr Raushan


Credited: Google

December 29, 2023

Fact no 1

The Red Fort was built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan in 1638.

Fact no 2

The Red Fort is made of red sandstone.

Fact no 3

The foundation stone of the Red Fort was laid on 29 April 1638.

Fact no 4

The length of the walls of the Red Fort is 2.5 kilometers.

Fact no 5

The construction of the Red Fort was completed in 1648.

Fact no 6

It was decorated with Turkish velvet and Chinese silk.

Fact no 7

Red Fort is the most famous tourist destination of Delhi city.

Fact no 8

About one crore rupees were spent on the construction of the Red Fort.

Fact no 9

Red Fort is located in Delhi, the capital of India.

Fact no 10

The main objective of building the Red Fort was to make Delhi the national capital.