10 Amazing Facts about Youtube.

By Mr Raushan

December 5, 2023

YouTube is the second most popular website in the world.

YouTube's revenue in 2022 was $29.2 billion, which is equivalent to Rs 24,34,92,96,00,000 in India.

Last month approximately 112.9B people visited on YouTube.

YouTube was launched in February 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Javed Karim.

YouTube was purchased by Google in October 2006 for $1.65 billion.

YouTube joined the US NSA's online surveillance program PRISM in 2010.

YouTube introduced its current logo in August 2017.

YouTube gives Gold Play button for 1 million subscribers and Diamond Play button for 10 million subscribers.

The White House has its own YouTube channel.

The first video on YouTube is "Me at the Zoo". Which was uploaded by YouTube co-founder Javed Karim on April 23, 2005, at 8:31:52 pm.

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